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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun with Fuh

Fuh is a black cat, about 2 years old.

In February 2008, he was dying from a bad cold on our veranda. I gave him medicine in canned food several times.

After he recovered, he came into my condo because there were a lot of cats living there.

Though Fuh had been living with us about for 2 years, he never thought that he lived with us but with our cats. He was a son of Umeko, who was a black and white female cat, 17 years old.

After Umeko's death in summer of 2008, he became the adopted son of Momo. Momo took care of him very often .

Unfortunately, Momo suddenly stopped loving Fuh, for reasons we don't understand. Since Fuh got to be really lonely and lost his place at home, it was harder and harder for him to come back home. Two nights or three nights he slept outside.

Last Wednesday, when I came back home, Fuh was waiting for me at the front door. I was very surprised. And more often, he sometimes stop to let me touch his back fur.

Fuh decided to be a pet cat!


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