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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What she lacks was ...X-Patriate“A Physical Thing”

Trying to interpret the meaning of X-Patriate"A Physical Thing."

This time I tryed to interpret the meaning of "A Physical Thing" included in the album "Greetings From Lafayette Park."

A woman, maybe is working for some government office, with a high title. maybe she has married to an government high officer. Maybe she has kids who go to a private shool, and pays a lot of tuition for them.

Or maybe she has a boyfriend of long standing who is an high officer of government or enterprise.

By the way, quite recently she slept with a man.

It is not important who the man was but that she has done such a affair.

It is a little important where she slept with him. Maybe the hotel she slept wasa first-rate hotel or a cheap hotel only for affairs. The room where she slept, there were a lot of memory of others affairs, and it overwhelmed her.

Because she may be is a well-bred woman, graduated from celebrated college, and her ex boyfrends didn't bring her such a place.

The man she slept might be brought there by chance with her husband or boyfriend, or one of customers at the bar she was waiting her husband.

But really it is not important who she slept.

Why did she such a thing.

Although she justified it using trite words, "just a physical thing," and then she felt heavy her over metaphysical relationship?

But didn't "just a physical thing" overwhelmed her? Because what she lucked was "just a physical thing"?
A Physical Thing
Lyrics, Music, Instruments, Vocals by Alan J. Lipman
From "Greetings From Lafayette Park" (OneSuch 1091)
Copyright 2006-10
Alan J. Lipman/X-Patriate Music
All Rights Reserved



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