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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More and More Like A Civil War

X-Patriate is a band, and its menber is Alan J. Lipman only.
He sings and play the instruments.
Alan is a psychologist in Washington, DCB.

Trying to interpret the meaning of X-Patriate"More and More Like A Civil War", included in the album "Greetings From Lafayette Park."

What is he saying in this lyrics? What is "Like A Civil War"?

Our life? Our city life? When once you is out from your home, you treat others like enemies, and bump into each, push and shove, struggle for cabs, seat in the metro.

Sounds are lightly and there has been "more and more like civil war."

When will they bring peace to you? Whether will they will make a cease-fire agreement? It might be the last day for mankind.

Music, Lyrics, Instruments, Vocals by Alan J. Lipman
From "Greetings From Lafayette Park" (OneSuch 1091)
Copyright 2008-10
Alan J. Lipman/X-Patriate Music
All Rights Reserved



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