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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A kitten came to us

It was the 6th May that my husband rescued a little kitten at the bike pool.
For three days it had been crying in the day and the night.
Crying and eating, crying and drinking water, and slept.

The fourth day, it became to play with big cats, Momo and Tenko.
We could touch and hold it then. My husband named it Shimma because his fur is beautiful stripe and cover all his body with it.

Momo and tenko started to take care of him. They became part-time father and mother.
Momo is now his full-time father. He teaches him how to fight with other cat because a neibor’s cat, Ivory sometimes comes to us and bullies female cats and Shimma.

Shimma likes Momo very much. Always follows him.

Today, it has been just 3 weeks since he rescued.
He is 3 or 4 times as big as he came.
Tonight, he fell down into the bathtub. His first water experience.


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