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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I don't want to say goodbye but...

I have to say goodbye to you.

You, Socks was one of the cats lived at the nekosanctuary, one of the last two cats, and one of the my dearest cats.

Since I met you at the first time, you was one of the my dearest cats because you looked like one of my cats I lost that spring.

You have been living at the nekosanctuary for about 10 years, I have met you every weekend,
You survived the terrible time when neighbors tried to get rid of you and your friends,
in ten cold winters, in ten hot summer, in eleven uncomfortable rainy season.

But you have enjoyed ten wonderful falls, eleven beautiful springs,
You loved warm sunshine, gentle wind, smelling good air, and your friends.

I thanked you for your love to me.
I loved your voice, your fur, your beautiful green eyes, and your a bit bent tail.

Though I know that you are yet here, at the nekosanktuary, and never go anywhere,
I say goodbye to you now.

I love you forever, I never forget you!



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