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Saturday, June 11, 2011

3.11 Miscellaneous Thoughts - evacuation of children

This was broadcasted on NHK television.

The young mother who lives in Fukushima evacuated her child to Tokyo, but she has been keeping it secret from her in-law parents or relatives.

There may be more mothers like this, or than a few. I don't know.

The North East of Japan is an old farming area. Restraint by community may be tight, not compare to the city.

But it is about children's health.
To evacuate the children to another district, it would go against the interests of the community? May act differently from other humans, or whether that would be contrary to the community itself?

Also, instead of just evacuate their children secretly, is it impossible to act with young mothers and fathers around, evacuate in groups?
Is it hard to do in Fukushima?

Some parents would not want to evacuate. Of course, some parents would want to evacuate. In any event, is there any room to accept the opinion different?

Today is June 11. Past three months from March 11. It seems anti- nuclear demonstrations were held throughout Japan.



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