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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The fashion week for our cats

Our cats' fashion week started when Uh and Kakita came home wearing their new collars.

I don't know who gave them those collars, but Uh is proud of it, maybe Kakita.

So my husband got three collars at very low cost from an online shop, and gave them Peter, Buh, and Fuh.

He think that Tenko and Momo don't need collars because they usually stay home.

But seeing other cats wearing their collars, Tenko's mood was been getting worse.

Then I gave her an old collar which Mon, passed-by cat wore, it made her happy again.

Momo and Mary are only two cats not wearing their collars.

Momo said to me last Friday, "why don't you give me a collar?"
So I was looking for a flea collar at the super market near my home, but I couldn't find.

Momo has been staring at me...



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