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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 1: In the beginning

It has been 17 years since my husband and I moved here with our 6 cats.

There is a big parking lot with a small park near the subway station. Someday, I found several cats  in a small park. They looked lonely and unhappy.

But the first 6 years I didn’t feed them because it was hard to keep feeding them every day, adding that there might be mean people who didn’t make me feed cats, I think. They said that any food left for cats caused to produce a fly or nasty thing.  

I don’t remember when it was, but I found small wooden signs in the bike parking lot, those said “the cats here were all neutered”, so I understood that there were some people who took care of the cats there. I was released.

It was 2002 when I started to feed cats living around  the subway station. I became a weekend cat lady. My husband  named the feeding places “The Neko-sanctuary.” Actually, there were two places, and the big one was the bike parking plot, and the small one was at the back gate of an elementary school.

But I wasn’t a regular member of the Neco-Sanctuary cat ladies. It was 2004 September 4th that I became a member of them. I was recruited by one of the regular members. There were 4 cat ladies and a cat gentle man.

The Neko-Sanctuary is beautiful places surrounded by low shrubs of azalea among them a lot of cherry trees, Sasanqua,  gardenia,  oak and so on.

For these 12 years, almost cats have gone. It makes me so sad to remember of them. Their lives and their death were  modest. So I decided to write about them for letting someone  know them.

Thanks for their love to me. 


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