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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 3: Black-Grandpa

The cat, I called the Black-Grandpa, was an old black male cat.

He had lived in the Small Neko-sanctuary (the place around the back gate of the primary school) until the early days of 2004.

I didn’t know how old he was. He was calm, and wasn’t afraid of humans. I often saw him taking a nap or walking on the fence of the primary school. One of cat ladies (M-san) fed him apart from feeding place for the other cats.   

September of that year, the Black-Grandpa moved to the big Neko-sanctuary (the bike parking lot). I didn’t know why.

September and October of that year, there were a lot of rainy days, and it was getting cold in October. After my feeding, he used to take a nap on my lap because he might feel cold. I  regretted why I didn’t allow him to sit on my lap for long.

On October 27th the Black-Grandpa died in the small plaza of the bike parking lot. I knew the news from an email of M-san


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