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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 April 3:A little girl

It was last Sunday. When as always in the back gate of the elementary school I sat having Tommy on my lap, a girl,  wearing a red helmet and pink T-shirt, about ten-year-old, appeared riding a bicycle in vigorous.

She looked at Tommy, and said that he was so cute.
“May I touch him?"
I answered "I think he would scare if you do because he is not familiar with you.”
She said "bad luck".

Still looking at Tommy for a while, she said "It would have been hard for owners grow him up here", like she were an adult.

I said "Tommy was brought up himself", but she didn’t seem what it meant.
"This cat lives in around here," I explained, but still she had a dubious face.

Also, after looking at Tommy about 5 minutes, and said "goodbye", went away dashing bike.
Meanwhile, Tommy is quietly sitting on my side, and had been patiently listening to our conversation.

Cute Tommy

2015 April 18 updated


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