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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 February 2:We have had a cold

Chilly air has been staying high over the Japan in February.
So it made snowing, or cold rain falling, and blowing wind like freezing.
It's harsh climatic conditions in cats to live outside.

Daikoku-Maru, Kai, and Shiro have got cold.
Kai was the most terrible.
There was also a day that he couldn’t come out at feeding time.
I was worried about him, but the February 11, he showed up, and ate the food.
Daikoku-Maru, in addition to the bad eyes with scratches of fight, has snot.
I've done by wiping with Tissue paper.
Shiro’s gum is terrible.
But  both cats do not trust me enough to let me wipe it.

I hope it will be warm as fast as possible.

The photo is Kai, who came out finally

2015 February 14 updated


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