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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 January 3:I’m home- CyaCya and Bochan

I wonder if the winter mating season of through this year from last year was finished.

In the bicycle parking lot, Bochan came to eat the dinner on January 11.
It was the first time he came from last November.
His hair also rough and skinny. He  seems hard to have lived.
But he wasn’t scared of me or other cats, came closer, eat food together, and went away quietly.

ChaCha is back in the back gate of the primary school.
When I was putting the fresh water cup in the bush, something has been pushing my hand in silence, it was a cat warm round head. It’s ChaCha!
Since knew by e-mail from M-san, I  wasn’t surprised, I was happy.

Who will come back?  I hope Mikeshu would also come back, and have contraceptive surgery.

Shiro is not castrated, but regardless of the estrus, he does not move to anywhere, and comes to eat always. He is a rare cat.

Photos of Miiko, she is active even in winter

2015 Jan. 17 updated


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