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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 16:Black-and-white war

It is not a story of racism. I mean the tiff between the black cats, Daikoku-Maru and Kai, and the white cat, Shiro of the Neko-Sanctuary.

Daikoku-Maru and Kai aren’t getting along with Shiro. There has been a small tiff between Kai and Shiro, M-san are  writing in her e-mail. However, it is interesting that Shiro cares their tiff known to us human beings.

Today, I went to the Neko-Sanctuary, and I found Daikoku-Maru, Miiko, and Shiro  in the back of the bicycle shed, so I went to call them, but the cats came to meal location, were only Daikoku-Maru and Miiko. I went to call Shiro again, and he finally came.
But he seemed to want to say something to Daikoku-MaruI, but he couldn’t because I was there.

The bad compromise is, I think, not because of the color of fur. It would be the difference of personality.

The photo below is the sky of  Tokyo in the winter as I saw with Tommy today

2014 December 13 updated


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