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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 14: Little Black Sambo

In the small Neko-Sanctuary of the back gate of the primary school, there is a new member.
It is a black kitten that was born this summer. I got to see it from around the end of September. Since it immediately runs away scared the people I do not know what a cat it is.
It's black hair chunks disappears in no time somewhere.

I named it "Sambo" from The Story of Little Black Sambo.

The Sambo was waiting for me in the bush on Sunday of last week. I put the food for it, but it was gone in no time it saw me and it has been back imperceptibly, I went to see it, it is no longer there.

I can not even take a photo.
I wonder whether it is a girl, or a boy.
If  it is a girl, the name " Sambo" would be wrong.
I have to rename.

The dinner after the rain, Shiro and Miiko. Feet cold.

2014 November 29 updated


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