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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 4:Fan club of Henrietta

Henrietta is a very beautiful cat.

Last year, 2013, in spring, she was a shiny kitten when she appeared.
Her fur is almost white, and white fur is pure white, big polka dots are shiny.

Some day in spring of this year, when I went to feed cats, Henrietta  had sat followed by a male cat that was tired in estrus.
I did not know that Henrietta had contraception surgery last year, so I was panicking, but she had a cool face.

That was a fan of cat, but apparently there would be a human fan of Henrietta also.
The fan seems to appear only on weekends, and give her canned food or something good. 
Because  I give her food, but she does not eat too much on weekends.

Adding that, I witnessed that Henrietta, after eating food, was going into the elementary school with Shiro, Kai, and Daikoku-Maru.
It was before the Daikoku-Maru had  a serious injury.

A photo of Henrietta in spring of this year

2014 Sep. 20 updated


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