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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 3:Shiro with gold eye and blue eye

After Socks’s gone, now Shiro, Miiko, and Kai  are hanging around near Daikoku-Maru.

However, it was 2010 that Shiro became a regular member  of the large Neko-Sanctuary.
Shiro is wearing a pure white coat, with black striped tail.
His right eye is blue, but his left eye is gold.
He is a very docile cat, so shows up  often between the mating season.
He likes more milk than canned food.

Since when Miiko appeared suddenly in 2010, Shiro has gotten on great with Miiko.

Miiko wears a coat in the tortoiseshell pattern with yellow and brown and black.
When she appeared, Miiko was an adult cat already neutered.
Since she had a collar, Miiko might have been abandoned.
She is a female, amiable chatter cat.

Perhaps because of the pattern of her fur, sometimes I look see her with Daikoku-Maru at the far-eyed, I think Socks  was alive.

I think Kai had also appeared roughly the same time as Miiko.
Kai had just become an adult still at that time.
Even now, he seems a little scared Daikoku-Maru.

The photo is an amaryllis and Daikoku-Maru.

2014 September 13 updated


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