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Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 19:Pretty Cosette

It was  May 2005 when Cosette had come over to the small Neko-sanctuary, around the back gate of the Elementary School, before the large persecution.
And she was gone somewhere in March 2012.

Cosette was about six months old, but already pregnant when she came.
So M-san took her the vet for having sterilization surgery in June.

Cosette was a pretty awesome systemic black tabby cat.
Tommy had been looking after her well, but Ki-ichiro didn’t like  it, he used to bully Cosette. Tommy loved KiIchiro who looked after him in his time of kitten, so Tommy would have been in trouble.

Still, she was able to spend seven years with Tommy.
Cosette used to be a pretty girl, and then became a middle aged fat cat.

She has gone somewhere after Kin-cha appeared.

Kin-cha appeared around February 2012.
He was an adult male cat,  a big golden tabby, dashing,  chunky, and he had no tail.
He brought his  daughters and his wife of tortoiseshell cat.
As he protected his family, was trying to get rid of Ki-Ichiro and Tommy.

KiIchiro and Tommy was fighting hard and remained, but Cosette probably did not win the male adult cat who had not been castrated.
Kin-cha seemed to move somewhere  ​​in 2014, and he was no longer apparent for now.
I wish Cosette would come back.

The photo of below is Koyuki


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