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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 13:Black-Snow and little Sasuke

It was in June 2006 that Kuro-Yuki (Black-Snow) came to the big Neko-sanctuary and it was in the midst of persecution.
It means that she appeared just after Umetaro.
She was a black-and-white female cat, and her fur was almost black.
She was young about 6 month-old or less, but it was very clever.

She received a neutered surgery in June and  died in November 2007.
It was the short life of six months and one year.

It's September 2007 that Sasuke showed up. His looking was just like Sasuke the cat with Tomoko in the small Neko-sanctuary before.
He was a slender tabby cat.

Black-Snow and Sasuke were always together, and after Black-Snow died, Sasuke also died in a few days.

Black-Snow never had dispute with other members. She was a modest, but independent cat.
She loved Sasuke as if he would be  a younger brother, but would not be ties of blood, of course.

Why Black-Snow and Sasuked died, I  do not know even now.
M-san called me and I went to the Neko-sanctuary, I found Blak-Snow was lying dead next to the cat house Jiro had been using.
Sasuke, he was lying in the cat house, and looking at her sadly.
A few days later, Sasuke died in the cat house.

For me, there are a lot of things not to be convinced in the world, and the death of Black-Snow and Sasuke is also a one of them.

The photo of Anna and Umetaro


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