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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 11:Anna, wearing a silky coat

Anna had been already in the large Neko-sanctuary in 2002.

She was already contraception, seemed to be less than two years old.
She was a shy petite female cat.
Black-and-white but the most part of her fur was white.
There  were big black polka dots on the back and the head.
The tail was also black.
Her fur was like silk when touched, white part of that was pure white, there was no dirty spot.

Anna had not a boyfriend.
Close cat was only Jiro, but she was also doing well with other cats.

She was too shy  to touch her for a while.
She had been getting used gradually, and in cold winter, after feeding, she used to sit on my lap and  tried not to get down.
She might feel very cold so much.

Anna got scabies in May 2006, it was severe persecution period.
M-san and I had her take the medicine, and she recovered.

It was December 2006 that Jiro was dead, and the following year, 2007 in March, she had gone. She had been always at feeding time, so I hadn’t thought  Anna would have gone anywhere.
I thought that she would come out some day, but she completely disappeared.

Where has she gone? The texture of her silky fur, still remains in my hands.


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