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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 8:Umetaro

I have to write about Umetaro.

Umetaro was a member of the Neko-sanctuary from the beginning,and one of the leaders of the large Neko-sanctuary.
He was a male black-and-white, slender cat, so I thought he was a female cat for for quite some time until M-san taught me.
I think that he was younger than Giraud and Shiro.

Umetaro was a clever cat. When I went there to feed them, he was the first cat that found me and running crying.
At one time or another, after the typhoon, he was taking a nap under the bike, on the dry concrete.

In January 2006, it was severe persecution, he took scabies, to bother with it, moved to the small Neko-sanctuary.
I was very worried about him, so even weekday I went to feed them at the night after work.
As M-san gave him the medicine of scabies, Umetaro recovered, and went back to the big Neko-sanctuary.

But in May, he disappeared again.

Long after that time, I heard that he was in a nearby parking lot with Shiro.
I went to there, but no cat was anymore.

Umetaro was doing along well with other cats, but there was no cat specially close him.
Prior to castration, he might have been coupled with Yuki.
Koyuki might have been their daughter.

Eight years have passed. I remember that I thought how lonely I would be if he was gone.
Umetaro has disappeared once and for all. I know I never see him again.


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