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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 7:Utamaro

Utamaro is a black tabby male cat, having a big decent face, which reminded me a great Kabuki actor.

There were thick black stripes around the eye, and it made him a really strong fighting cat, but actually  he was quiet or timid. When I fed the cats, he always sat behind Jiro.

It was the fall in 2004 that he appeared in the  large Neko-sanctuary, and  in 2005 he had a bravado surgery together other male cat, such as Daikokumaru, Claude, and Socks.

Utamaro was in the Neko-sanctuary, until around March of 2006 from the end of 2005 that began the persecution, but after that, I had never seen him.

One of our cats, Fujio, that came in the fall of 2006 to us, really looks like Utamaro. His fur pattern, physique and character.
As Fujio was about three months old when he came, Fujio would not be the same cat as Utamaro, but I think they might be relatives.


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