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Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 6:Stella and Shiro

According to M-san, Stella, a female cat lived in the small Neko-sanctuary-around the back gate of the elementary school-, and Shiro, one of the leaders of the large Neko-sanctuary around the bicycle parking lot  were a couple until sterilization.
One of their kitten was adopted by M-san.

Stella was a very pretty cat, light brown fur on a white background.
She comes to eat, but did not come closer to me.
At the end of the year 2005 when the persecution began, she showed up yet, but in January 2006, she was gone.

Shiro was a big white and friendly cat, did not offend people who came to see the cats and even hugging. He had been having a chronic disease in the mouth, so M-san had him take a weak antibiotic every day.

The persecution starts, the hatred of the people who dislike cats were drifting in or around the bicycle parking lot, the cats no longer had showed up the daylight hours.
And Shiro disappeared in February 2006.
Someone saw him in the car parking lot a little far from the Neko-sanctuary, I heard it later much. Because no longer he got the medicine, his disease would be worse, and died.


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