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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 5:Era of persecution

Now, I have to write about the era of persecution to the Neko-sanctuary.
Hateness is scary, and the voice of bad people is louder than good ones.

The first course of persecution to the Neko-sanctuary was occurred from an vacant plot near the gate of elementary school where a lot of cats were living.
There was also  a dormitory of construction site, and people who came from countryside to work fed cats until the construction of  building started.

During the construction, other cat ladies were feeding cats.
PTA of the elementary school suddenly claimed that it's very filthy cat food could being  mixed to school lunch for children. And then involving neighborhood association with a primary school, and ward office, it caused a sensation.

Also at the cat sanctuary, signs of "no-no feed the cat" were hanging in the trees, and feeding cats, the manager of the bicycle plot came to us to  complain.
Crazy people came to a nasty prank.

Cold winter was coming.
Before 2005, houses for cats made of carbon boxes and  polystyrene foam were settled in the Neko-sanctuary and protected cats from cold rain or snow, but all houses were broken and broken.

Dried food placed for cats that couldn’t come feeding time, some crazy guy put pepper or makeup stuff in them. That has been continued until 2007.
The signs of "no-no feed the cat" are yet now.

Though, some good people came to us and give some money for the cats.
I think all people don’t hate cats, or they are a few, but bad voice is louder than good one.
It is easier to offend some weak creatures.  

Living on the street is tough to cats and humans.
If there weren’t these persecution, almost cats could live longer.


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