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Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 10:Father and the sun, or Kanpapa and Kanji

Around the Neko-sanctuary, there are a couple of houses people who live give food to cats with no owner. Kanji and Kanpapa had also survived with their help. Kanpapa was polite cat, so he got a good reputation from them.

I think when I met him for the first time, Kanji did not become two years old.
With a large black polka dots on white background fur, he was a quiet male cat.
It was the summer 2005 that he began to come and eat at the large Neko-sanctuary, but he moved to the parking lot along with Yuki in August 2006.

When I went to the parking lot and meet Yuki  on the night after work, Kanji was with her most of the time. Two cats seemed to be close enough to eat food together.
Also Kanji, seemed to suffer from scabies, but he did not accustom to humans, so much, it was not possible to give him the medicine.

When Yuki had returned to the big Neko-sanctuary in January 2007, Kanji was not together.
I never has met him after that.

Kanpapa looked like Kanji, adult cat.
I had met him often since the spring of 2006.
When he did not come to eat on the large Neko- sanctuary, and met him on the way back, I gave him food then.

Kanpapa, in his later years, had got scabies several times.
One of the cat ladies gave him the medicine each time.
the beginning of December 2006, M-san told me that Kanpapa was run over by a car as he was lying on the crossroads.

Kappa was a very clever cat. Not supposed to sleep in such a place if he didn’t want to die.Even in the daytime. But I didn’t know why he committed suicide.

A small stain of dried blood left on the asphalt road. Now there is nothing anymore.

Kanpapa also died about the same time as Kanji disappeared. I wonder if there was something related or not.


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