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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 15:Yuki, wearing a skirt

Yuki is a female black-and-white cat.
She was in the Neko-sanctuary already in 2002.
She had a daughter, Koyuki, she gave birth to prior to be neutered.
M-san  told me that Yuki and Umetaro had been being a couple before neutered, and Koyuki would be their daughter.

Yuki had  more black fur than white, she was  covered in black fur from the head to the tip of the tail, with  the white lines in the root area of the tail, and seemed to be wearing a skirt.
She had a white fur from nose, face, belly, chest, tip of limbs.

She was a very clever cat.
As she had found that I used to take a coffee break in the cake shop after feeding, she came to look for me.
She was looking into the shop through the glass door.

She also was a sociable cat, In addition to us, seemed to have several human friends.
After Umetaro died, while taking shelter in the car parking lot, except for me, some middle-aged man had been carrying the canned food for her every night.
Also close to the car parking lot, seemed to have a house of her familiar.

Before the  large persecution era, she had used to disappear in the unit of about a month, but since I knew it, I had stopped  being worried.

The most memorable thing about her is that she was playing in circles around my umbrella  after the rain.

Also, Yuki, had seemed to have an eternal life to me.
I had an illusion that she would keep going in the Neko-Sanctuary.

However, from February 2009, I no longer saw her at all.
I thought it was either wandering usual, but did not turn up even if in June.
July 18, I appeared at the time of feeding.
But she wasn’t lively, and did not eat anything.
I found later that she had come to say goodbye.


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