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Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 14:Friendly black cat, Claude

The first generation of the large Neko-sanctuary were Jiro, Shiro, Umetaro, and Yuki, and then  the second generation were Daikoku-maru, Socks, Claude, Utamaro, Anna, Koyuki, the third generation were little Sasuke and Black Snow.

By the way, in the second generation there were two black cats.
Those were Daikoku-maru and Claude.
But their character was completely different.
Claude was a slender black cat with a long tail, and beautifully as a female cat.
On the other hand, Daikoku-maru has a short tail, in the rugged physique, pressed strongly, he  has gotten jealous easily.

Daikoku-maru has been already in the Neko-sanctuary in 2002, but it was the fall of 2004 that Claude appeared.
And, in the spring of 2005, he received a castration surgery with Utamaro and Tommy.

M-san said, "I think  he is okay without castration, because he is meek​​."
But he had.
A cat who has a castrated, has few fighting, and need not to move the location.
His surviving rate gets higher.

Claude seemed that he was on good terms with Koyuki.
It's so inconspicuous, that he was sitting or standing near Koyuki often.

Claude had survived the large persecution era, which began in late 2005, but it was July 2009 that I saw him the last.
According to someone, she lives near the Neko-sanctuary, that summer, Claude came to her place every day and see two kittens she rescued.

Where had Claude gone?


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