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Saturday, August 02, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 18:Socks with white gloves

As I wrote before, after Koyuki died in the winter of 2010, Socks and Daikoku-maru  were the last  two cats of the original member. And Socks was gone in June 2011.
It was  June 12 that I saw him the last.

Socks had been suffering from stomatitis for several years.

When he was eating food, Socks used to shout out  in pain, somehow, Yuki slapped him.
Socks had been suffering from mouth ulcers since Yuki was still healthy.

After only two being left there, Socks became poor condition.
M-san and I gave him the weakest antibiotics  I got from the vet that we wrapped in canned food, but if some days he ate the canned food, some days not, we then fret the appetite of Socks had.

I knew that only a few days left that I would be able to see him, but until the day before the last day he tried to eat food, I didn’t know that day was the last day for him.

By the way, Daikoku-maru had bullied because of jealousy until they were only two cats.
Because Socks was all cat ladies’ favorite cat.
Socks was an unusual tabby, the tip of the hands and feet were white, so he looked like wearing white  gloves and socks.

Socks and Daikoku-maru already had been in the large Neko-sanctuary in 2002.
I think Socks would have been kept by someone originally, and might have been immediately after being abandoned perhaps.
When I gave cheese to other cats, he was hiding in the bush, and mewing.

I know young Socks with beautiful fur, and  flaky fur twisted in saliva even know.
I remember his long tail that was bend unusual way.

During the years nearly a decade, less than 1 hour of the weekend I met him. Yet, when I think  of Socks, why my heart hurt so much.

Below photo is Black-Snow


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