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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 17:Peckish cat, Zab

Koyuki died in February 2010, in the large Neko-sanctuary, only Socks and Daikoku-Maru were left. Some cats came to eat, but went somewhere on an adventure in the mating season, and  did not come back. Because of the circumstances of the cats, or our cat ladies, they hadn’t castrated surgery.
It was very sorry for that.

What the small Neko-sanctuary, at the back gate of the elementary school, would have been?

After Mali, Stella, Richelieu, and Louis were gone, but KiIchiro, Tommy, Cosette, and Zab were the  main members.
Zab, a female cat was a veteran, she was there before I started to feed the cat.

Zab, lived in the garden of the white two-story house next to the feeding place, but nobody kept her.
Her fur color pattern was mixed with black, brown and other.
She was getting angry easily, and not amiable.

She liked to eat the food mixed dry food and canned food, it took  time for me to put into the plate, she scratched me sometimes.

She didn’t seem so bad in the disease, but she was gone the last in August 2007.

The small Neko-sanctuary without Zab, it seemed like a sentence without a period, tight so no longer.


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