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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 16: Koyuki loved solo play

Koyuk was a daughter of Yuki.

She was already in the large Neko-sanctuary with Yuki in 2002.
She was a black and white cat, but white part was larger than black one, and very beautiful.
She liked being alone rather than shy.
In the evening that was no longer anybody nor any cat In the Neko-sanctuary, she used to play alone climbing trees, running, jumping to the basket of the bicycle, and lying in.

Ties with her mother, Yuki was unexpectedly strong, even when Yuki was evacuated to automotive parking lot to escape the large persecution, she has been following her mother.
So at that time I had fed three cats, Yuki, Kanji, and Koyuki every night.
Yuki mewed in the loudest voice to welcome grandly, there was always Koyuki there.

As with Yuki, I wonder she had human friends, I didn’t see her for several months, but one day, I saw Koyuki walking towards the back of the bicycle parking lot, and I was relieved.

She was a clever cat also.
Evening of cold winter, she used to sit on top of the short street light in the bush of the bicycle  parking lot, to get warm the hands and feet. Although it would not have so much warmth because it is fluorescent light.

Yuki died in July 2009. Claude had gone in the summer of 2009.

About half a year later, February 1 2010, Koyuki died in an animal hospital.
N-san had  rescued her in the fall of 2009, she had fallen ill, brought her to her home, and she had been treated at the hospital.
N-san said that she had got some types of cancer.
Koyuki was hospitalized several times, and escaped the Neko-sanctuary several times.

I think she died in the hospital, in a warm and dry bed, but it was good for her.

A cat, playing alone still in the Neko-sanctuary in the evening, it's Koyuki.


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