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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 1:Daikoku-Maru getting old

Daikoku-Maru is getting old. He became an elderly cat suddenly since Socks has gone.
He is a black cat, but gray hair is also mixed with black hair, and skinny, personality also became calm.
When he gets a skin disease, or catch a cold, he takes the medicine from M san.

He got a bad cold, even in May 2014, had no appetite, got a medicine from M san, and was recovered in about a week.

It was hot severely this summer, the temperature was not lowered almost even at night, badly moisture, it was the worst environment for the cats to spend outside.
It was cool finally at the end of August, the temperature dropped suddenly, so he got a cold again.

Now, there are Miiko, Shiro, Kai, and Henrietta with Daikoku-Maru.

2014 Aug. 30


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