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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 5:Botchan, seeing a few times a year

Botchan is a cat that I see a few times a year.
I call him Botchan because the blackened portion of the shape of the head seems the hair style of just a tike.

I said that I see him several times  a year, but might have met the different cat with similar pattern each time.

Anyway, Botchan is a black-and-white cat, he distinguishes a good human being or not.
Today, I gave food to Miiko and Daikoku-Maru, he came to me and ask me food as a matter of course.
He was wary somewhat, but not more than necessary cautiously.

Without that he got into trouble with Daikoku-Maru, he went away  quiet after finishing eating.

The photo is Botchan of September 27

2014 Sep. 27 updated


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