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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 8:The day before the typhoon No. 19, ShimaJiro

Big typhoon came again, the number 19 on October 13.

On Sunday, the day before, the 12th, I went to the small Neko-Sanctuary, at the gate of the primary school.
Chacha wasn’t and only Tommy there. So, we were able to have a happy time.
Tomy took a time to eat food, enjoyed the Actinidia of desserts, and then put his chin and forefoot on my knees. In that way, Tommy was allowed to warm the body. It became a little chilly season.

ShimaJiro appeared, but after eating, he sat as far away a little, and watching us.
ShimaJiro is so docile cat, I think they would become friends.

From around June of this year, ShimaJiro began to come to eat with Tommy. he is a young male cat around two or three years old.

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