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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Tenko is one of my dearest cats. She passed away on Friday earlier 1 month, on January 13th 2017.

Tenko, my little Jeanne D’arc, you had been fighting  diseases for almost 4 years.
You went to the vet hundreds times and took thousands tablets of medicines until you died.

I think of you on my way to work, and back home.
In the morning, the sky is blue, shining, and frozen.
I want to down the ground and cry for bad things I did to you, good things I didn’t.

On the third Friday since you were gone, I felt that I couldn’t stand this sadness anymore.

I really want to get back you, but I would make the same mistakes to you.

My little Jeanne D’arc, you were fair and just, trying to be kind to other cats.
You loved me so much. I doubt that I deserved your love.

You are gone, but you are everywhere now, I wish.


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