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Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle Kai has got a new family

M-san emailed me that Kai moved to the other Neko-Sanctuary, at the back gate of the primary school, ten meters far from the bike parking lot. That is the place Tommy lives.

That Neko-Sanctuary is spread from the 96 year-old lady’s house to the back gate of the primary school and bushes around.  
There used to be a lot of cats lived there before 2006, but now, Tommy, Sambo, Siam, and Kinkan.

Kinkan and Siam have recently gotten neutered, so all male cats are neutered. Adding that, they all are gently. Sansyo sisters also there.

This morning, I met Kai. He looked fine.

I am very glad that Kai has got a new family.


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