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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle, January 2016 Cold days

It has been getting colder since the middle of January. Sometimes it rains or snows. It is the hardest season for cats living outside. This morning the cats in the bike parking lot were waiting for me in the rain.

Bochan has been recovering steadily and getting a little weight. Daikoku-Maru was given medicines by M-san because he got a cold. Henrietta doesn’t say  difficult anymore and eats foods well. Kai and Miiko are fine.

In the back gate of the primary school, Siam has been given medicines by H-san every morning, but he is not recovered from skin trouble, so M-san is very worried.

As I didn’t see Tommy the first half of this month, I was very worried about him, but he started to  see me in the morning as if he found it.

The photo is Siam and Tommy.


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