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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 Calamity of Bochan

Bochan had been hospitalized because he had a serious injury to the neck.

M-san found it four weeks ago, and gave him a medicine, but didn’t get well, so she took him to the vet. He left the vet on 23ird.

Though he wasn’t cured, releasing him from stress hospitalization, and releasing Msan from he burden of hospital charges.

Msan said sadly that she couldn’t find him a owner, so she only put him in the bike parking lot.

By the way, he  was scheduled to undergo surgical castration in his hospitalization, but he had already been castrated. It was surprising!

He had an owner before, or someone had him  surgical castration? Exactly his past is full of secrets.

Bochan in August of this year


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