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Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 August 2: Aggressive mosquito

In the past few weeks the heat has been deadly, until yesterday, it was somewhat cool then. I was happy to be cool, but I was not the only delighted cat-lady. Also, mosquitos in the Neko-Sanctuary those are always tranquil, were awfully aggressive today. Even though I had a portable, electric mosquito machine, it didn’t work well—they bit me a lot.

On the way to the back gate of the primary school, I met Siam and one of the cats-ladies, who was on a walk with her dogs. Siam was on the garden side of the sidewalk. Since Siam had a serious injury to his flank, the other cat-lady has been giving Siam medicine every day. I did not see Siam for a while.

On my way back to the bike parking lot, I met Siam and Kai, a male cat, who noticed Siam, he began to make motions to start to hiss at Siam, to begin fighting with him. Siam was not willing to fight with Kai because of his injury. When I came up to them, Siam ran away.

The photo is ShimaJiro in the diet

2015 August 8 updated


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