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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 June 3: Calm days with Tommy

Cha-cha is left, and since Siamese dominates the Neko-Sanctuary of the back gate, it has been  calm days for Tommy. It is possible to meet Tommy every time I go on the weekend feeding time.

When I replace the water cup for cats in the bush, Tommy comes out. Siamese is waiting in the bush. Appears  ShimaJiro nowhere while Tommy is eating, and has food together in a little away. When I place the food in the bush on the way home, Siam is starting to eat. Sansho is waiting for her turn near the edge of the bush.

Well, such like that.

I am  sitting and holding a Tommy on the low brick wall of the back gate, come talk people in the walk with their dog. Tommy has been listening to our conversation silently still. They say to Tommy “you are cute”, and they touch his head softly. Tommy greets at the dog with eyes. Tommy seems to be a goodwill ambassador of the cat.

The Photo is Siamese in the bush

2015 Jun 20 updated


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