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Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 July 1: Rainy season

Because it did not rain so much in June, I thought this year was a dry rainy season, but it began to fall well Once in July. Today, Saturday, it rained lightly  in the afternoon.

However, cats are waiting. In the rain, in refuge in the bush, waiting for the cat lady come, whether now or now. When I went to the back gate of the elementary school, Siam had been hiding in the thicket of shrubs. Tommy also came out immediately. There has been a lot of the Mosquito. Perhaps because of that, the left eye of Tommy had swollen.

Even more of bicycle parking, in the bush, Miiko, Daikoku-Maru, and Henrietta had been hidden. Miiko’s ears seemed painfully by being eaten by mosquitoes.

I want the rainy season to up soon.

The photo is Sambo I took last week. He is a cute black cat with big eyes and a round face. He no longer runs away.

2015 July 4 updated


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