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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2015 August 4:Siam effect

Tommy lives in a house near the back gate of the primary school. There once lived an old female cat, Zabu, and Kiichiro, who was a Guardian cat of Tommy. Residents of the house told the other cat lady that they didn’t care cats lived in their garden. Since Zabu has been dead for long ago, and Kiichiro also died several years ago, Tommy lives there alone.

Today, I was sitting with Tommy on the side of the gate of the primary school, someone came out from the house, and called the cats. Tommy rushed there, leaving me. After a while, at the door of the house, Siam wiped the mouth by hand. It seemed he finished up the meal.

Siam has a gorgeous look compared to mixed cats. Adding that, his personality is calm, he is popular with passing people. Perhaps the residents of the house also like  Siam. Thanks to Siam, Tommy and other cats life have been improved.

However, Shimajiro was still drinking milk near me, and didn’t go there. He is probably not friends with the residents.

The photo is Shimajiro


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