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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2016 April: Sadness of Kai who lost Daikoku-Maru

I have  seen Kai only once after Daikoku-Maru died. Kai loved him so much, so Kai has been damaged.

Kai came to the feeding spot March 12 Saturday.

It was March 13 Sunday that Msan took Daikoku-Maru to her place.
Since then I have met Kai only once, March 20th. Even though Msan have met him only a few times.
Msan said Kai appeared at the back gate of the primary school.

Perhaps Kai was told about Daikoku-Maru’s death by Msan, but he might not understand it.

He cannot understand what he didn’t see. He has been wandering around to look for Daikoku-Maru.

Very sad spring


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