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Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle Paper Plates

Since the end of April, some guy has been feeding cats at the Neko-Sanctuary with paper plates in the early morning before we get there. After cats eating food, the plates were left, so M-san and I are worried about people who are trying cats to get out of there find the plates.

Since June they have not seen at the feeding time  because eating  the food already, or  hot weather.

But Miiko is always there. Miiko had been dumped at the Neko-Sanctuary, she does not know another safe place.

Also Tommy, it has been his daily routine to meet me and sitting on my lap, whether a paper plate guy comes or not, he has been waiting me until really hot weather.

This morning, I met Kai, walking in the side way. It is the only good news.

The photo is Miiko and Henriettta


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