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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kakita's report

Certain day in August 2011, I was fighting with other cats.
And lost the collar, and got an injury on my head.

My spare owner gave me a new collar, but did not find the wound on my head.

When I came back real home, the real owners found my new collar ,but it was a couple of days after that they noticed the wound on my head.

At that time, the wound was swollen that hurt just by a little touch.
Finally I could get here medication, and slept quietly all day.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

A miracle happend on the August thirteenth

August thirteenth is the day of of the Bon days when the passed-away human and animals come back this world, your country, your home.

So I was busy yesterday in doing something to welcome my grandmothers, my parents, my relatives and my cats passed away.

And I asked my dad, he has been died for 16 years, if he saw Peter on the way to my house, tell him come back home.

Peter is one of my cats, and he has been running away from home for a week because he didn't want to take medicins his vet gave.

A miracle happend!
Last night he came back home!
He looked fine, without any trouble.
We, including my husband and other cats were released very much.

This year's Bon days I have to add one cat to the passed-away members.
It is Socks at the nekosanctuary.
I yet miss him, but hope he plays happy in the heaven....