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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle The last days of Daikoku-Maru

Until fifth of March, Daikoku-Maru was fine. He came to the cat feeding place with Kai.
But he didn’t show himself on sixth Sunday.

Monday seventh was raining M-san did see him at the cat feeding time. Tuesday, he was there, but didn’t eat anything. After the next day, he had been staying at his cat house, and not coming out of the house, M-san was bringing the food there for him.

13th Sunday, M-san took him to her home, and spent with him until his last day.

Daikoku-Maru died in the morning on 17th.

I think Daikoku-Maru had the happy last days since he was able to be with his favorite person.

I think, for the last days he was happy, but I am sad, very sad.
The world without Daikoku-Maru I feel lonely.

The photo are Bochan, Daikoku-Maru, Kai