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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 1:Daikoku-Maru getting old

Daikoku-Maru is getting old. He became an elderly cat suddenly since Socks has gone.
He is a black cat, but gray hair is also mixed with black hair, and skinny, personality also became calm.
When he gets a skin disease, or catch a cold, he takes the medicine from M san.

He got a bad cold, even in May 2014, had no appetite, got a medicine from M san, and was recovered in about a week.

It was hot severely this summer, the temperature was not lowered almost even at night, badly moisture, it was the worst environment for the cats to spend outside.
It was cool finally at the end of August, the temperature dropped suddenly, so he got a cold again.

Now, there are Miiko, Shiro, Kai, and Henrietta with Daikoku-Maru.

2014 Aug. 30

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 21:The current Neko-sanctuary

After Socks has gone, Daikoku-maru, left alone in the large Neko-sanctuary, would he have been fine?

Tommy, in the small Neko-sanctuary, do you wonder, how  might he be no longer having KiIchiro?

It is now late summer in 2014, around Daikoku-maru, there are Miiko, Shiro, Kai, and Henrietta.
And Tommy is also becoming increasingly get along with Cha-cha.

From next week, amend the title, as "Neko-Sanctuary chronicles 2", I want to write in real time the state of their subsequent.

Is for the time being, that's it for this.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 20:Ki-Ichiro with golden fur

The first time I met the Ki-Ichiro, I wonder it was spring of 2004.

Until then, I had been feeding only the large Neko-sanctuary, the bicycle parking lot, but since my husband said that there were many cute cats around the gates of the elementary school, I went there.

Ki-Ichiro was a less than 1 year old male cat with stripes of beautiful bright yellow.
He wore earrings those were signs of castrated mark to ear.
He was living with Mari of foster parent, and they became a family since Tommy appeared in October.

Cosette appeared  in May 2005.  Was not any more Mali at that time. Cosette, I wonder, was not a family for Ki-Ichiro. I saw several times Kiichiro was chasing Cosette. Tommy was looking anxiously nearby. However, it was enough for Ki-Ichiro to chase sometimes.

Until March 2012, Kin-cha appeared, and Cosette was gone,somehow, the center of  the small Neko-sanctuary was Ki-Ichiro.

Since autumn and winter of 2007, I didn’t see Ki-Ichiro and Tommy no longer apparent at all, I was worried, but I was relieved to meet them in the front yard of gravel dreary two-story apartment away tens of meters there.
Then again, until September 2013, everytime I  went to the small Neko-sanctuary, I met Ki-Ichiro almost always.

From around 2012, Ki-Ichiro’s fur began to thin. Dirty fur fell all, and became a fluffy soft fur, but seemed to be of no use in the winter. I thought he might not survive the winter of 2012, but he was also healthy in the spring of 2013, I was happy.

However, from September 2013, he disappeared and never came back.

Ki-Ichiro was an amiable cat to us human. Not even once that it was pained or ill, moody.

He liked to sit on my knee, particularly cold winter. In the last few years, he sat on my knee when the hot summer. His body temperature might have fallen.

Around the nine years, the small Neko-sanctuary had been brightly lit by Ki-Ichiro’s golden fur.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 19:Pretty Cosette

It was  May 2005 when Cosette had come over to the small Neko-sanctuary, around the back gate of the Elementary School, before the large persecution.
And she was gone somewhere in March 2012.

Cosette was about six months old, but already pregnant when she came.
So M-san took her the vet for having sterilization surgery in June.

Cosette was a pretty awesome systemic black tabby cat.
Tommy had been looking after her well, but Ki-ichiro didn’t like  it, he used to bully Cosette. Tommy loved KiIchiro who looked after him in his time of kitten, so Tommy would have been in trouble.

Still, she was able to spend seven years with Tommy.
Cosette used to be a pretty girl, and then became a middle aged fat cat.

She has gone somewhere after Kin-cha appeared.

Kin-cha appeared around February 2012.
He was an adult male cat,  a big golden tabby, dashing,  chunky, and he had no tail.
He brought his  daughters and his wife of tortoiseshell cat.
As he protected his family, was trying to get rid of Ki-Ichiro and Tommy.

KiIchiro and Tommy was fighting hard and remained, but Cosette probably did not win the male adult cat who had not been castrated.
Kin-cha seemed to move somewhere  ​​in 2014, and he was no longer apparent for now.
I wish Cosette would come back.

The photo of below is Koyuki

Saturday, August 02, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 18:Socks with white gloves

As I wrote before, after Koyuki died in the winter of 2010, Socks and Daikoku-maru  were the last  two cats of the original member. And Socks was gone in June 2011.
It was  June 12 that I saw him the last.

Socks had been suffering from stomatitis for several years.

When he was eating food, Socks used to shout out  in pain, somehow, Yuki slapped him.
Socks had been suffering from mouth ulcers since Yuki was still healthy.

After only two being left there, Socks became poor condition.
M-san and I gave him the weakest antibiotics  I got from the vet that we wrapped in canned food, but if some days he ate the canned food, some days not, we then fret the appetite of Socks had.

I knew that only a few days left that I would be able to see him, but until the day before the last day he tried to eat food, I didn’t know that day was the last day for him.

By the way, Daikoku-maru had bullied because of jealousy until they were only two cats.
Because Socks was all cat ladies’ favorite cat.
Socks was an unusual tabby, the tip of the hands and feet were white, so he looked like wearing white  gloves and socks.

Socks and Daikoku-maru already had been in the large Neko-sanctuary in 2002.
I think Socks would have been kept by someone originally, and might have been immediately after being abandoned perhaps.
When I gave cheese to other cats, he was hiding in the bush, and mewing.

I know young Socks with beautiful fur, and  flaky fur twisted in saliva even know.
I remember his long tail that was bend unusual way.

During the years nearly a decade, less than 1 hour of the weekend I met him. Yet, when I think  of Socks, why my heart hurt so much.

Below photo is Black-Snow