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Saturday, June 25, 2011

3.11 Miscellaneous Thoughts -at the grocery store

After March 11, maybe two or three days past, I suddenly found that it was difficult to get milk, dried and canned food for cats. Especially milk.

One of the cat at the nekosanktuary, Socks was aged and weakened, sometimes he didn't eat anything but milk. So I must get milk for him.

So I went to the grocery store near my house just the time it opened early morning.
There many people were waiting in line to be opened the door of the store.
People rushed into the store to buy water, bread, toilet paper, and so on.
After getting something they wanted, then had to be in line for a cash register.

I went to the grocery store early morning of every weekend until May holidays.

For one month or two the price of cat food was rose than before, but other things for humans were same price. Why?


Sunday, June 19, 2011

I don't want to say goodbye but...

I have to say goodbye to you.

You, Socks was one of the cats lived at the nekosanctuary, one of the last two cats, and one of the my dearest cats.

Since I met you at the first time, you was one of the my dearest cats because you looked like one of my cats I lost that spring.

You have been living at the nekosanctuary for about 10 years, I have met you every weekend,
You survived the terrible time when neighbors tried to get rid of you and your friends,
in ten cold winters, in ten hot summer, in eleven uncomfortable rainy season.

But you have enjoyed ten wonderful falls, eleven beautiful springs,
You loved warm sunshine, gentle wind, smelling good air, and your friends.

I thanked you for your love to me.
I loved your voice, your fur, your beautiful green eyes, and your a bit bent tail.

Though I know that you are yet here, at the nekosanktuary, and never go anywhere,
I say goodbye to you now.

I love you forever, I never forget you!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

3.11 Miscellaneous Thoughts - evacuation of children

This was broadcasted on NHK television.

The young mother who lives in Fukushima evacuated her child to Tokyo, but she has been keeping it secret from her in-law parents or relatives.

There may be more mothers like this, or than a few. I don't know.

The North East of Japan is an old farming area. Restraint by community may be tight, not compare to the city.

But it is about children's health.
To evacuate the children to another district, it would go against the interests of the community? May act differently from other humans, or whether that would be contrary to the community itself?

Also, instead of just evacuate their children secretly, is it impossible to act with young mothers and fathers around, evacuate in groups?
Is it hard to do in Fukushima?

Some parents would not want to evacuate. Of course, some parents would want to evacuate. In any event, is there any room to accept the opinion different?

Today is June 11. Past three months from March 11. It seems anti- nuclear demonstrations were held throughout Japan.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

3.11 Miscellaneous Thoughts - right behavior and wrong behavior

Recently, I am sad to see anything.

Twitter is in particular terrible.

Somebody attacks someone all the time. That approach is wrong. That approach was wrong.
Or why could not correct that time. And so on.

But, while they are saying that, they don't know what would be right behavior or what would be incorrect behavior. He/She is not really sure.

Mostly, they are citing the news,
opinions of Twitter and other SNS, and insist those make them being right.

would go firm sense of ethics? Where would go graciousness of act?
Even if they were wrong, they could make them correct after.
IF they had a responsibility for them.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Miscellanous thought of 3.11--Naming

The big earthquakes occurred on March 11, and following the big Tsunami, the explosions of
the Fukushima first nuclear plants, I cannot think of them clearly. So I am trying to write several thing

The name of the earthquakes, at first several major medias in Japan called them different names including the North area and off the pacific ocean earthquakes, but on April first, the cabinet decided its name as "The East Japan Great Disaster."

I don't like the name of "Disaster" because it sounds self pity, and it seems that we don't have any responsibility for anything.

Is it my misunderstanding?

Anyway, though the earthquakes occurred or the atomic reactors melted down, I had to feed the cats at the Nekosanctuary. I went to feed them on March 12th and 13th.

I didn't remember these days, but the cats at the nekosanctuary were usually waiting for me.

On the other hand, the cats we keep inside, were upset.
Whenever the earthquake happened, Momo(red tiger cat) started to growl against the window shaking and sounding noisy, and at the bigger earthquake he ran under the blanket.

He thought that the earthquake monster attacked our house!