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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 9:My best friend, Tommy

Tommy is my best friend. KiIchiro now has gone away, Tommy is the only cat of the Neko-Sanctuary who I can touch and hold.

It was rainy week this week, but sunny today.
When I went to the back gate of the primary school to feed cats, there wasn’t any cat, but I just went back home, Tommy hailed me and came out from the side of the bush of the gate.

Tommy's face in the immediate vicinity to me

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 8:The day before the typhoon No. 19, ShimaJiro

Big typhoon came again, the number 19 on October 13.

On Sunday, the day before, the 12th, I went to the small Neko-Sanctuary, at the gate of the primary school.
Chacha wasn’t and only Tommy there. So, we were able to have a happy time.
Tomy took a time to eat food, enjoyed the Actinidia of desserts, and then put his chin and forefoot on my knees. In that way, Tommy was allowed to warm the body. It became a little chilly season.

ShimaJiro appeared, but after eating, he sat as far away a little, and watching us.
ShimaJiro is so docile cat, I think they would become friends.

From around June of this year, ShimaJiro began to come to eat with Tommy. he is a young male cat around two or three years old.

2014 October 18  updated

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 7:The day of the typhoon number 18

Sunday the October 12th, heavy rain was falling since the morning. It is the influence of typhoon No. 18.

Feeding cats on a rainy day is tough. I need three umbrellas at least.
The first one is for cats, the second one is for the bag containing the food, and the third one is for myself.
But I did not go with only one accidentally, and I gave an umbrella for cats, bag and I was drenched to the skin.

Cats are also tough to eat.
That day, since Daikoku-Maru, Miiko, Kai, and Henrietta came out, all may not be able to enter under the umbrella.
So we moved to the side of the bush, and gave them food in the bush except Daikoku-Maru who was able to be under the umbrella.
Still fur of cats has been exposed to heavy rain.

It was a sunny day today. But, typhoon No. 19 appeared near Okinawa.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow would be sunny, I hope.

The day is short these days, it's already dusk. I took a photo of Miiko, and her eyes flashed as alien’s.

2014 October 11 updated

Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 6:The day before typhoon

A typhoon is coming even in October. It seems a big typhoon.

The atmosphere is wet, and because of the cloud of dark color, the sky looks heavy, it can rain at any moment.

Since I went earlier than usual, did not meet only Kai and Miiko.
Kai had no appetite because of getting caught a cold.

No cat was even at the back gate of the primary school..

Photo of Kai caught a cold