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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 14: Little Black Sambo

In the small Neko-Sanctuary of the back gate of the primary school, there is a new member.
It is a black kitten that was born this summer. I got to see it from around the end of September. Since it immediately runs away scared the people I do not know what a cat it is.
It's black hair chunks disappears in no time somewhere.

I named it "Sambo" from The Story of Little Black Sambo.

The Sambo was waiting for me in the bush on Sunday of last week. I put the food for it, but it was gone in no time it saw me and it has been back imperceptibly, I went to see it, it is no longer there.

I can not even take a photo.
I wonder whether it is a girl, or a boy.
If  it is a girl, the name " Sambo" would be wrong.
I have to rename.

The dinner after the rain, Shiro and Miiko. Feet cold.

2014 November 29 updated

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 13: Black cat Union

When I went to feed cats in the Neko-Sanctuary today, Daikoku-Maru and Kai were waiting for me to sit side by side.
There was Shiro farther away a little. Came out of nowhere Miiko and Henrietta.

While they were eating, Kai said to Shiro, "Do not tease my dad ", then Shiro, by hitting Kai with his forehand, made an end of the fight.

I went to the back gate of the elementary school, Tommy came out of the bush, shouting as "I missed you, I missed you."
Seeing Tommy was the first time in three weeks.

The photo of Shiro and Kai  after just fighting.

2014 November 22 updated

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 12:Daikoku-Maru and Kai

Since Daikoku-Maru has been living for 12 years in the Neko-Sanctuary, he seems a famous cat in this area.

Last week, when I was feeding cats, an old couple was passing and the wife said, "Oh, Dai-chan there is".
She might hear the name of Daikoku-Maru from M-san.

Kai is still a  young black cat.
Recently he is always following Daikoku-Maru.

"Dad, Dad"
"I'm not your  dad."

Do not say that.
I wish they had become good friends.
It would be warm if you sleep together in the cold winter.

2014 November 15 updated

Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 11:The winter is coming

Mid in November, the air becomes cold, winter is coming.
Day looks like fall soon, when the feeding time it is a little dark.

Injuries of the forefoot of Daikoku-Maru seems to have gotten better, but not much appetite.
He ate a little dried food today, and drank the milk.
He's been running very lean than last year. I wish he gets through this winter.

The photo below is Shiro, behind a tree of gardenia.

2014 November 8 updated

Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 10: Daikoku-Maru and Shiro

Last Sunday, I found that Daikoku-Maru was  limping whether he was sprained the forefoot. According to the M-San, He fought Shiro. I thought that Daikoku-Maru and Shiro were doing well, but weren’t.

Daikoku-Maru, in the old days had been often bullying Socks, but ​​one after another cat had gone away, and in the end they were left only, they had been alive as snuggling along.
I thought that Daikoku-Maru was also  was getting calm by taking years, but apparently was not the case.

It’s Saturday of rain today, I went to the feeding spot, Miiko was waiting while wet.
Miiko also not a very good friend with Henrietta. Every cat tolerates loneliness respectively.

The photo was the last week sunset I’ve seen with Tommy.

2014 November 1st updated