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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 13:Black-Snow and little Sasuke

It was in June 2006 that Kuro-Yuki (Black-Snow) came to the big Neko-sanctuary and it was in the midst of persecution.
It means that she appeared just after Umetaro.
She was a black-and-white female cat, and her fur was almost black.
She was young about 6 month-old or less, but it was very clever.

She received a neutered surgery in June and  died in November 2007.
It was the short life of six months and one year.

It's September 2007 that Sasuke showed up. His looking was just like Sasuke the cat with Tomoko in the small Neko-sanctuary before.
He was a slender tabby cat.

Black-Snow and Sasuke were always together, and after Black-Snow died, Sasuke also died in a few days.

Black-Snow never had dispute with other members. She was a modest, but independent cat.
She loved Sasuke as if he would be  a younger brother, but would not be ties of blood, of course.

Why Black-Snow and Sasuked died, I  do not know even now.
M-san called me and I went to the Neko-sanctuary, I found Blak-Snow was lying dead next to the cat house Jiro had been using.
Sasuke, he was lying in the cat house, and looking at her sadly.
A few days later, Sasuke died in the cat house.

For me, there are a lot of things not to be convinced in the world, and the death of Black-Snow and Sasuke is also a one of them.

The photo of Anna and Umetaro

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 12:Moody Goro

Goro was out of humor always. And, he had a secret.

When Goro appeared in the Neko-sanctuary, he was an adult cat already.
I thought that he was about two years old.
His fur coat was a fine, subtle black stripe, and face, neck, chest was covered with pure white fur.
He had a pretty nice appearance.

Until August of 2005, he was getting food in the Neko-sanctuary, but moved to elsewhere.
He couldn’t get along with other cats of the Neko-sanctuary.

He did not go well in the Neko-sanctuary, because he was out of humor always.
It seemed that he didn’t want to do well with other cats.

Even for us, he was in a bad mood at all times, and if there was anything he didn’t like, he did cat punch immediately.

When it came to 5:00 evening, even the feeding time, he was  gone to somewhere.
I noticed later, he was sitting at the entrance to the subway as if waiting for someone.

He may have been waiting for someone really.
He may have been waiting all the time his owner who had abandoned him, to come back, and bring him back to the house again.
His owner didn’t appear to be waiting, and to be waiting, it might make him out of humor.
His heart was broken in sadness, so he might have looked bad mood.

Goro had tried to enter the cake shop at the entrance of the subway.
Such as the day of the storm, such as cold days of winter, he entered quickly from automatic door casually, and hiding in the corner, but he was found eventually.
The cake shop owner gave him a cardboard box and put it on the back of the store, but he did not like it. The hot summer days, he used to take a nap in the public telephone box.

At the last, he was in the parking lot of the truck,  little away from the cake shop, he was run over by one of the trucks. It was August 2007. After a while, I heard that from the owner of the cake shop.

Goro was still young, easy to avoid the truck,  if he would not want, I thought. He was unlikely died in an accident. He may have become tired of waiting for the owner.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 11:Anna, wearing a silky coat

Anna had been already in the large Neko-sanctuary in 2002.

She was already contraception, seemed to be less than two years old.
She was a shy petite female cat.
Black-and-white but the most part of her fur was white.
There  were big black polka dots on the back and the head.
The tail was also black.
Her fur was like silk when touched, white part of that was pure white, there was no dirty spot.

Anna had not a boyfriend.
Close cat was only Jiro, but she was also doing well with other cats.

She was too shy  to touch her for a while.
She had been getting used gradually, and in cold winter, after feeding, she used to sit on my lap and  tried not to get down.
She might feel very cold so much.

Anna got scabies in May 2006, it was severe persecution period.
M-san and I had her take the medicine, and she recovered.

It was December 2006 that Jiro was dead, and the following year, 2007 in March, she had gone. She had been always at feeding time, so I hadn’t thought  Anna would have gone anywhere.
I thought that she would come out some day, but she completely disappeared.

Where has she gone? The texture of her silky fur, still remains in my hands.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 10:Father and the sun, or Kanpapa and Kanji

Around the Neko-sanctuary, there are a couple of houses people who live give food to cats with no owner. Kanji and Kanpapa had also survived with their help. Kanpapa was polite cat, so he got a good reputation from them.

I think when I met him for the first time, Kanji did not become two years old.
With a large black polka dots on white background fur, he was a quiet male cat.
It was the summer 2005 that he began to come and eat at the large Neko-sanctuary, but he moved to the parking lot along with Yuki in August 2006.

When I went to the parking lot and meet Yuki  on the night after work, Kanji was with her most of the time. Two cats seemed to be close enough to eat food together.
Also Kanji, seemed to suffer from scabies, but he did not accustom to humans, so much, it was not possible to give him the medicine.

When Yuki had returned to the big Neko-sanctuary in January 2007, Kanji was not together.
I never has met him after that.

Kanpapa looked like Kanji, adult cat.
I had met him often since the spring of 2006.
When he did not come to eat on the large Neko- sanctuary, and met him on the way back, I gave him food then.

Kanpapa, in his later years, had got scabies several times.
One of the cat ladies gave him the medicine each time.
the beginning of December 2006, M-san told me that Kanpapa was run over by a car as he was lying on the crossroads.

Kappa was a very clever cat. Not supposed to sleep in such a place if he didn’t want to die.Even in the daytime. But I didn’t know why he committed suicide.

A small stain of dried blood left on the asphalt road. Now there is nothing anymore.

Kanpapa also died about the same time as Kanji disappeared. I wonder if there was something related or not.