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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 17:Peckish cat, Zab

Koyuki died in February 2010, in the large Neko-sanctuary, only Socks and Daikoku-Maru were left. Some cats came to eat, but went somewhere on an adventure in the mating season, and  did not come back. Because of the circumstances of the cats, or our cat ladies, they hadn’t castrated surgery.
It was very sorry for that.

What the small Neko-sanctuary, at the back gate of the elementary school, would have been?

After Mali, Stella, Richelieu, and Louis were gone, but KiIchiro, Tommy, Cosette, and Zab were the  main members.
Zab, a female cat was a veteran, she was there before I started to feed the cat.

Zab, lived in the garden of the white two-story house next to the feeding place, but nobody kept her.
Her fur color pattern was mixed with black, brown and other.
She was getting angry easily, and not amiable.

She liked to eat the food mixed dry food and canned food, it took  time for me to put into the plate, she scratched me sometimes.

She didn’t seem so bad in the disease, but she was gone the last in August 2007.

The small Neko-sanctuary without Zab, it seemed like a sentence without a period, tight so no longer.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 16: Koyuki loved solo play

Koyuk was a daughter of Yuki.

She was already in the large Neko-sanctuary with Yuki in 2002.
She was a black and white cat, but white part was larger than black one, and very beautiful.
She liked being alone rather than shy.
In the evening that was no longer anybody nor any cat In the Neko-sanctuary, she used to play alone climbing trees, running, jumping to the basket of the bicycle, and lying in.

Ties with her mother, Yuki was unexpectedly strong, even when Yuki was evacuated to automotive parking lot to escape the large persecution, she has been following her mother.
So at that time I had fed three cats, Yuki, Kanji, and Koyuki every night.
Yuki mewed in the loudest voice to welcome grandly, there was always Koyuki there.

As with Yuki, I wonder she had human friends, I didn’t see her for several months, but one day, I saw Koyuki walking towards the back of the bicycle parking lot, and I was relieved.

She was a clever cat also.
Evening of cold winter, she used to sit on top of the short street light in the bush of the bicycle  parking lot, to get warm the hands and feet. Although it would not have so much warmth because it is fluorescent light.

Yuki died in July 2009. Claude had gone in the summer of 2009.

About half a year later, February 1 2010, Koyuki died in an animal hospital.
N-san had  rescued her in the fall of 2009, she had fallen ill, brought her to her home, and she had been treated at the hospital.
N-san said that she had got some types of cancer.
Koyuki was hospitalized several times, and escaped the Neko-sanctuary several times.

I think she died in the hospital, in a warm and dry bed, but it was good for her.

A cat, playing alone still in the Neko-sanctuary in the evening, it's Koyuki.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 15:Yuki, wearing a skirt

Yuki is a female black-and-white cat.
She was in the Neko-sanctuary already in 2002.
She had a daughter, Koyuki, she gave birth to prior to be neutered.
M-san  told me that Yuki and Umetaro had been being a couple before neutered, and Koyuki would be their daughter.

Yuki had  more black fur than white, she was  covered in black fur from the head to the tip of the tail, with  the white lines in the root area of the tail, and seemed to be wearing a skirt.
She had a white fur from nose, face, belly, chest, tip of limbs.

She was a very clever cat.
As she had found that I used to take a coffee break in the cake shop after feeding, she came to look for me.
She was looking into the shop through the glass door.

She also was a sociable cat, In addition to us, seemed to have several human friends.
After Umetaro died, while taking shelter in the car parking lot, except for me, some middle-aged man had been carrying the canned food for her every night.
Also close to the car parking lot, seemed to have a house of her familiar.

Before the  large persecution era, she had used to disappear in the unit of about a month, but since I knew it, I had stopped  being worried.

The most memorable thing about her is that she was playing in circles around my umbrella  after the rain.

Also, Yuki, had seemed to have an eternal life to me.
I had an illusion that she would keep going in the Neko-Sanctuary.

However, from February 2009, I no longer saw her at all.
I thought it was either wandering usual, but did not turn up even if in June.
July 18, I appeared at the time of feeding.
But she wasn’t lively, and did not eat anything.
I found later that she had come to say goodbye.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 14:Friendly black cat, Claude

The first generation of the large Neko-sanctuary were Jiro, Shiro, Umetaro, and Yuki, and then  the second generation were Daikoku-maru, Socks, Claude, Utamaro, Anna, Koyuki, the third generation were little Sasuke and Black Snow.

By the way, in the second generation there were two black cats.
Those were Daikoku-maru and Claude.
But their character was completely different.
Claude was a slender black cat with a long tail, and beautifully as a female cat.
On the other hand, Daikoku-maru has a short tail, in the rugged physique, pressed strongly, he  has gotten jealous easily.

Daikoku-maru has been already in the Neko-sanctuary in 2002, but it was the fall of 2004 that Claude appeared.
And, in the spring of 2005, he received a castration surgery with Utamaro and Tommy.

M-san said, "I think  he is okay without castration, because he is meek​​."
But he had.
A cat who has a castrated, has few fighting, and need not to move the location.
His surviving rate gets higher.

Claude seemed that he was on good terms with Koyuki.
It's so inconspicuous, that he was sitting or standing near Koyuki often.

Claude had survived the large persecution era, which began in late 2005, but it was July 2009 that I saw him the last.
According to someone, she lives near the Neko-sanctuary, that summer, Claude came to her place every day and see two kittens she rescued.

Where had Claude gone?